Big characters, little drawings

Since I was a child,  I’ve loved drawing.  During school and high school, all my notebooks were filled with many drawings.

Maybe I could follow that path. Learn more things about drawing and art,  study a bachelor’s degree in art or I could work as an illustrator, a sketch artist or an animator.  But I’ve never considered myself good enough, so I decided to tell stories in another way.

I chose to tell stories with videos and photographs, and sometimes with a few written tales.  I’ve always loved to tell stories, and in one way or another, I am a storyteller in my own way.

During the last month, my reality has shifted a lot.  I’m searching for a new job, and I haven’t got to go to any classes.  Maybe that’s why I started a new project called Big Characters, Little Drawings. 

Many stories have been part of my life.  These ones are filled with many characters whom I’ve learnt to appreciate even tough they’re not real.

This project is my own way to pay homage to these characters by making illustrations.  This is a good reason to start drawing again, even if the result isn’t perfect.

From now on, you can find all the illustrations I make for this project in this web,  and on other places such as my pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tumblr.

I hope you like this!



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