Yecla (1993).

Storyteller (Video / Photography/ Illustration / Writing)
Graphic Designer / Web designer



Maybe the most difficult story that anyone can tell is their own.  One of the few things I’m really sure right now is that I’m a storyteller. Since I was a little child, I have created my own stories, set in  complex universes and  fill with characters who fight against the odds to survive.



This longing to create stories, made me discover films,  photography, literature, and more recently illustration, which have become my four big loves.  Their stories have encouraged me to pursue my big and crazy ideas, even when they were impossible to make.  That’s the main reason why I studied the bachelor’s degree in audiovisual communication  in Murcia’s University (2011 – 2015).


In the audiovisual world, I’ve created and participated in different projects. I’ve worked sometimes as a director, screenwriter, editor, or photographer.  My interest in video editing let me to study a master’s degree on film and video editing in “Escuela TAI” (2015/2016), so I could widen my knowledge of this area and have more experiences as a video editor.


During this last year I’ve began to work on different illustration projects.  I begin this journey as  a self-taught illustrator, so I’m always learning new things and trying to improve every aspect of my work.  Beside this,  I’m improving my knowledge about graphic design and web design and I also began to write again (as another form of telling stories).


Nowadays I’m working on different projects from all those areas (video, photography, illustration, graphic design, web design, writing, among others).


In my website you can find more information about each project, and many other things.


One thing I’ve always tried to do is work in every project with hope and a special care for every detail.