“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”
— Ansel Adams.

Photography let us capture bits and pieces of our world,  freeze little moments and show our point of view about everything.

Since I was a child,  photography has become a huge part of my life.  For that reason  I’ve worked in many photographic projects, both personal and professional).



Jrb photo

JRB Photo

Since 2013,  JRB Photo has included my works as a photographer in different genres and forms.  From portraits to landscape photography, JRB Photo shows my point of view of the world around me, the people around me and the things that draw my attention.



Blur Stories

I created this project with Eyriam García. Blur Stories is centered on the photography world (and sometimes on little videos).  Through Blur Stories we try to tell stories, it doesn’t matter if they are big or small, they’re always photographies.  After all, “the good stories are formed by many blurs”.


Other works

Besides my work on JRB Photo,  in the last few years I’ve been able to collaborate as a photographer in different events, and work on different photographic projects. Here you will find some information about each one of them.